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Concrete Countertops – Cutting Edge Style in Downers Grove

Concrete countertops are quickly becoming a popular choice within the concrete decorative industry and a practical option for enhancing any style of kitchen or bathroom.

An Endless List of Style Options

A MN Construction Co, Inc concrete counter top installation offers a limitless range of possibilities for design, style, colors and finishes that can be uniquely customized according to your specifications. Our experienced concrete specialists offer suggestions and guidance for making a selection that blends in with your existing décor or provide your Downers Grove location with a bold new look.

Customizing Your Concrete Countertop

Easy mixed and molded, it is not hard to understand why concrete has been the working material of choice for artisans and builders over centuries. Your counter top process starts with the creation of a mold designed from your ideas; concrete pouring by our experienced staff, careful drying, then sealing and a customized finish that produces a unique piece made to your specifications. Each countertop can include the colors and texture you require to blend in with any existing theme.

A Practical Enahncement for Kitchen or Bathroom

Stain and scratch resistant, concrete countertops are easy to clean and an attractive yet practical option that adds beauty and value to any room in any location. A far cry from a typical synthetic counter top, MN Construction Co, Inc staff will easily adapt your selection to any traditional or contemporary theme.

Commercial and Residential Concrete Installation

A cost effective upgrade restaurants, hotels, nightclubs or any home in Downers Grove will be revitalized from a concrete counter top installation. Bring your ideas to life with the help of dedicated MN Construction Co, Inc staff who are committed to ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Call (773) 772-9722 for a free estimate and more information.